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Macanudo Gaucho


The objective of this game is to spread one aspect of the gaucho's culture, where its necessary to use the lasso to handle the livestock. In this game, you have to catch the steer with a lasso before reaching the 100 yards mark. Each tight loop adds a score bonuses, which will be lost if you do a judged loop. The game ends when you miss the steer's horns, then you can submit your score to the online ranking.
- 4 gaucho characters.
- 9 different horse coats.
- Single-player: the gaucho performs repeated loops until miss the steer's horns. When you get a good score you can submit your score to the online ranking to compete with other players around the world.
- Local Multi-player: two or more players to play in turns. When a player misses the steer's horns he cut off from the competition. The last gaucho in the competition wins !